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Training and Development


The goal for all our training and development programmes is to equip our clients with new skills, tools, and techniques which are easily transferable to the workplace, and which will produce tangible and sustainable results.

All our training and development programmes are tailored to the requirements and preferences of the client. The AI Partnership is convinced that this is essential to ensure that the results will be in line with your organisational requirements. This said, we acquaint your managers with case studies from different organisations to enable them to compare and contrast process and methodology, and gain best practice for your own company.

Our programmes

We offer programmes across the following range:

Change management: Our change management training programmes are designed for staff at all levels. Executive managers will develop their skills in communicating the strategic vision, leading change, and promoting the change culture in the organisation. Senior and middle managers will gain skills in setting clear tactical and operational objectives to meet the strategic vision, and junior managers and staff will develop the skills and competences needed to respond positively to change, and work to meet the new organisational objectives. The programmes will be developed to reflect the current, real needs of the organisation to make sustainable performance improvements in a changing environment.

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Planning your strategy: Completion of this training programme will enable your relevant personnel to come together to prepare, build on and review your strategic plans for the short, medium and long-term success of your organisation. They will learn how to set realistic and achievable aims and objectives, match resources with aims and objectives, make risk assessments, understand the need to communicate your strategy with clarity across the organisation, and have the tools and techniques to do this. They will have experience of preparing action plans which take into account the need to meet objectives using resources to maximum effect and efficiency at minimum cost. They will know how to review, measure and evaluate your progress.

Management development: At the end of this comprehensive range of training courses your managers will have gained - skills to lead, motivate and develop staff, an understanding of the manager’s role, ability to define responsibilities, manage themselves and their staff performance more effectively, skills to manage communication and decision-making, knowledge of tools to help resolve problems, ways in which to use time more productively, and understand the importance of managing information and finance. They will learn how to negotiate, and realise the importance of working closely with stakeholders, and how best to select, recruit and retain the right people for your organisation. Your managers will understand that good management skills are a necessity, not an option.

Building effective teams: Those people who contribute to your success - need to feel that they are an integral part of a team. Team spirit is essential for those who need to be working together for any length of time and our team-building training will ensure that your managers have the tools and techniques to work with team members to build commitment to maximise their contribution, with a shared understanding of both the objectives and their own role within the team. Managers will be equipped with the tools to assist them in understanding the nature of team building and the relevant roles needed to guarantee successful outcomes. Your managers will learn how to motivate and support their staff.

Further information

If you would like to learn more about how our approaches to training and development can help your organisation gain and sustain improvements in performance please complete and return the enquiry form so that we can arrange a face-to-face or online consultation to discuss your specific needs, and to design the programme which is best for your organisation.

Latest News

Armenian Government exchanges documents only electronically.

February 16, 2009

Armenia is one of post soviet republics that gained its independence in 1991. In 2007 The AI Partnership was selected by Armenian Government to introduce electronic document management system in three Ministries, namely; the staff of Government, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finance.

Over 1000 civil servants have been trained in using MulberryGroupware EDMS and since June 1-st 2008, the mentioned bodies transferred their document management to MulberryGroupware electronic document management system.

In addition to electronic flow of documents within pilot organisations, MulberryGroupware 1.3.22 also enabled an electronic exchange between the systems and was integrated with electronic signature solution from Arx Algorithmic Research, which made it possible for organisations to exchange documents only electronically.

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