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Our Projects

The AI Partnership has provided project management, facilitation and delivery expertise for the following projects and programme outputs:

E-government, e-democracy and civil society

• Monitoring and evaluation, Romanian knowledge economy project (World Bank)
• Design and development of Electronic Document Management System for Armenian Ministries (World Bank)
• Development of Truro Community Library (UK Community Libraries programme)
• Development of the national strategy and action plan for e-Governance in Armenia (EU)
• Advice on legal framework for e-Government, Armenia (EU)
• Design and development of pilot electronic document and web content management systems for Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (EU)
• VPN for Armenian Embassies worldwide (EU)
• Public administration training in support of EU accession, Slovakia (EU)

Education and training

• Technical assessment EU Tacis-Tempus IV programme
• EDMS training design and delivery for public servants, Armenia (World Bank)
• ICT curriculum and staff development for European Regional Institute for Information & Communications Technology, Armenia (EU)
• Retraining and Educational Support to the Ministry of Tax of the Russian Federation (EU)
• Development of Masters management training programme for UK Youth Service
• Development and delivery of UK HM Prison Service Senior Managers training programme
• Tourism education and development in Kyrgyzstan (EU)
• Promotion of the quality of vocational training through vocational school teacher training, Slovakia (EU)
• Establishment of technical and management training centres for the oil and gas industry, West Siberia (EU)

Enterprise development

• Higher education strategy development, European Regional Academy, Armenia (EU)
• Strategy and team development, Caucasus Regional Resource Centre, Georgia
• Facilitating accession to EU markets for Slovak SMEs (EU)
• Enterprise development projects for Russian companies, World Bank Russia Management & Finance Training Project, St Petersburg
• Russian President’s Management Training Initiative (DfID/British Council)
• Assistance to enterprise management in the oil and gas production industry, West Siberia (EU)
• Russian senior managers’ development programme (WBS)

Procurement and tender preparation

• ICT equipment and infrastructure, Truro Community Library (UK)
• ICT equipment and infrastructure, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Armenia (EU)
• ICT equipment and infrastructure, and library supplies, European Regional Academy, Armenia (EU)
• ICT equipment and infrastructure, and library supplies, Tyumen State University, Russia (EU)
• ICT equipment and infrastructure, and library supplies, Tyumen State Oil & Gas University, Russia (EU)

Latest News

Armenian Government exchanges documents only electronically.

February 16, 2009

Armenia is one of post soviet republics that gained its independence in 1991. In 2007 The AI Partnership was selected by Armenian Government to introduce electronic document management system in three Ministries, namely; the staff of Government, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finance.

Over 1000 civil servants have been trained in using MulberryGroupware EDMS and since June 1-st 2008, the mentioned bodies transferred their document management to MulberryGroupware electronic document management system.

In addition to electronic flow of documents within pilot organisations, MulberryGroupware 1.3.22 also enabled an electronic exchange between the systems and was integrated with electronic signature solution from Arx Algorithmic Research, which made it possible for organisations to exchange documents only electronically.

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