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Sometimes an organisation can benefit from allowing someone from outside, someone independent, to moderate or facilitate – it can be to celebrate your company achievements whilst helping your staff to build on your already strong performance record, or it could be to help you overcome a particularly tricky situation, where an independent person can encourage everyone to focus on the main event, when your staff are finding difficulty in seeing the wood for the trees, and identify and manage any conflict that may arise.

Our approach

The AI Partnership offers a facilitation service. We believe that working in partnership with an organisation can promote effective participation which can only be achieved through moderation and facilitation skills that are not often present within the company itself. Facilitated events have a record of great success – these sessions leave the main players free to concentrate fully on the subject – and the service we offer gives you the opportunity to be guided by experts who have received formal training as facilitators, or as teachers/tutors. All have a wealth of practical experience.

Before such an event, your chosen facilitator(s) will research thoroughly with you the nature of the event, and your expected outcomes. We will be clear on your organisational objectives. We use a range of facilitation tools that will involve everyone in reaching these objectives. There are very many tools in our repertoire, some of which we will use by agreement with you in our pre-event discussions, and others will be used on an ad-hoc basis as the need arises during the event. All activities are suitable for a diverse audience. We use activities which contain an element of choice, and are guaranteed to be non-threatening.

Tools and activities

The range of facilitation tools we use will be drawn from the following categories: 1. Organising tools: to ensure smooth-running and keep the momentum going. These include ice-breakers, energisers, tools to help select groups, and summarising tools.
2. Developmental tools: a range of tools to help with diagnosis of problems and issues, including:
• strategic thinking
• problem analysis
• clarifying issues
• managing people’s contributions
• building teams
• harnessing creativity
3. Decision-making tools: to help to reach conclusions and make decisions.
4. Planning tools: to develop actions that will follow from the decisions made and conclusions drawn from the event. These tools will be used to develop individual future action plans.

Our philosophy at The AI Partnership is ‘fun with learning’ which, along with traditional learning methods, is achieved by using some more unconventional ways to help plant important messages. Activities will be broken down into agreed and timed mixed-group working based on themes which could include the following, depending on your requirements for the event: • team building and team working
• good communications
• understanding each other’s roles within the business
• motivation and morale
• making the right decision

Our experience

You can choose us to facilitate your event and be confident that you will be using a team of innovative and experienced facilitators. We have facilitated successful team building and organisational development activities for:
­ senior teams in Government departments
­ the Health Service with multi-disciplinary groups in both the acute and primary care sectors
­ university managers
­ mixed groups from industry and public sectors
­ multi-cultural groups


Following your day of facilitation we would expect your staff to enjoy a better understanding of your organisation, enthusiasm to take some new practical skills back to the workplace, and the confidence to bring their ideas to the team, actions that will make a significant contribution to your company’s continued success.

Further information

If you would like more information on our facilitation services, or have a specific event that you would like us to work with you on, please complete and return the enquiry form so that we can arrange a face-to-face or online consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Latest News

Armenian Government exchanges documents only electronically.

February 16, 2009

Armenia is one of post soviet republics that gained its independence in 1991. In 2007 The AI Partnership was selected by Armenian Government to introduce electronic document management system in three Ministries, namely; the staff of Government, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finance.

Over 1000 civil servants have been trained in using MulberryGroupware EDMS and since June 1-st 2008, the mentioned bodies transferred their document management to MulberryGroupware electronic document management system.

In addition to electronic flow of documents within pilot organisations, MulberryGroupware 1.3.22 also enabled an electronic exchange between the systems and was integrated with electronic signature solution from Arx Algorithmic Research, which made it possible for organisations to exchange documents only electronically.

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