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E-Government Systems
A Powerful, Flexible and Multifunctional Workflow Management System

Mulberry Groupware™ is a universal workflow management system that allows users to completely digitise document, case or process flows within the organisation. Our powerful system will enable you to describe the necessary workflows for each type of document, case or process.

A simple but multifunctional workflow constructor, powerful user and permissions management tools, easy administration, and low cost make our software the best solution for your business to move away from paper-based systems.

The ability to exchange documents and data electronically between systems installed in other locations using the internet makes Mulberry Groupware™ an essential tool for organisations that have offices in different locations and want to maintain separate document flows for each branch.

Internal and external deadline management functionality helps you to control not only internal assignments, but also responses to external correspondence for your organisation.

Easy integration with web content management systems allows the acceptance of documents and publishing of the answers to queries on-line.

Using Mulberry Groupware™ will immediately speed up your business processes, reduce costs, increase security, and guarantee a quick return on your investment.


• Document management
• Case management
• Workflow management
• E-government systems


• Customisable workflows
• Customisable document fields
• Electronic document exchange
• User management
• Reporting
• Search
• Online submissions direct to the system
• Email to recipients (coming soon)
• Deadline management for internal tasks and external recipients
• Performance assessment (coming soon)
• Web based technology

Demonstration system

Further information

For more details of Mulberry Groupware™ please contact us using the enquiry form.

Latest News

Armenian Government exchanges documents only electronically.

February 16, 2009

Armenia is one of post soviet republics that gained its independence in 1991. In 2007 The AI Partnership was selected by Armenian Government to introduce electronic document management system in three Ministries, namely; the staff of Government, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finance.

Over 1000 civil servants have been trained in using MulberryGroupware EDMS and since June 1-st 2008, the mentioned bodies transferred their document management to MulberryGroupware electronic document management system.

In addition to electronic flow of documents within pilot organisations, MulberryGroupware 1.3.22 also enabled an electronic exchange between the systems and was integrated with electronic signature solution from Arx Algorithmic Research, which made it possible for organisations to exchange documents only electronically.

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